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    As a business owner, service providers frequently contact you for all the wrong reasons: needing your time, asking for a favor, or trying to sell you "recommendations" vs results. Wouldn’t it be nice to pay vendors after they have delivered on their promises? Outcome Partners lowers your costs, lifts sales, and creates other efficiencies before being invoiced.
    Function and business unit ("BU") leaders constantly want to maximize their performance. Ultimately, that comes down to the profit and loss ("P&L") statement. Outcome Partners collaborates with these leaders to add rapid value via cost reduction, staff augmentation, and on-demand support. Thus, leaders can focus on growth instead of administrative tasks.
  • Private Equity Firms
    Private equity ("PE") firms want to maximize their return on invested capital ("ROIC") as quickly as possible across their portfolio companies. For many of our PE clients, Outcome Partners acts as an extension to the operating teams and advisors. Our goal is to give these PE firms faster returns to improve their positions and move onto the next opportunity.
  • Venture Capital Investors
    Outcome Partners gives venture capital ("VC") investors access to rapid returns across their portfolio. We act as the operating experts on behalf of VCs to improve portfolio companies' profit margins, enable their sales teams, and accelerate results from the back-office functions (e.g., finance, accounting, software development, recruiting).
  • Commercial Lenders
    Private and institutional lenders want to see all their clients be successful. When their clients win, loans are paid back in-full and often there is follow-on capital needed to finance further growth. Outcome Partners works with these lenders to accelerate their clients' business performance by unlocking savings trapped in operations.
  • Procurement Teams
    Internal procurement professionals love collaborating with our cost savings team because we make them look really, really good. Outcome Partners acts as an extension to the existing team by leveraging economies of scales, niche experts, and wide-ranging capabilities to generate more profit margin for the underlying business.


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"Outcome Partners continues to be a tremendous source of strategic value to The Tot. I was introduced to their team when we were considering new funding options for growth strategies. Outcome Partners offered two immediate sources of value that we gladly accepted: introductions to seasoned investors, and cost cutting capabilities performed 100% on-contingency. A few months into our relationship, The Tot's CFO took a position with another company. I reached out to Outcome Partners who landed an on-demand finance and accounting team within a week for us. I'm very happy with the level of attention, high-quality service, and savings we receive by working with Outcome Partners. I recommend them to any business leader seeking a long-term partner who consistently brings solutions to the table."

Kathy Kipriotis

CEO at The Tot, an eCommerce store for mothers and children

Outcome Partners' full suite of services was very appealing to us at L9 Sports. We started with their direct-to-consumer ("DTC") paid advertising partners who delivered $2+ million in sales within the first 60 days. Based on these early results, we're excited to learn more about their performance-based savings team to help us reduce merchant processing fees, shipping / freight expenses, and other cost categories. I'd recommend Outcome Partners to any business seeking profitable growth.

Christopher Kautz

COO at Level Nine Sports, outdoor sporting goods

“I asked Outcome Partners and their affiliated teams to engage a few businesses in my portfolio. In one case, a portfolio company sent shipping invoices to Outcome. Within 48 hours, the experts found $500,000 in estimated savings from one of our vendors. That was a 1% increase to EBITDA from a single spend category. Their team is professional, moves quickly and gets results."

Gordon C.C. Liao

Managing Partner at Promise Holdings LLC, a private equity firm

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